Important Things to Get Serviced Before A Road Trip

So you’ve got your gluten-free granola bars, old-school analog camera, and all of your favorite podcasts downloaded. Think you are ready to hit the road? Think again. Don’t forget about how you’re getting there! We’ve thrown together a list of a few things to get serviced before a road trip.


You’ll be a lot safer on your road trip if you take your vehicle in to have your tires serviced. A tire inspection can reveal damage you may not have noticed—damage that could lead to a blowout later on. Plus, any tires that need it can be easily replaced. You may even want to have your alignment checked, as well.

Overheating on a road trip is never fun. Neither is blowing a hose. Have your cooling system inspected before you leave. Old, weakened or damaged radiator hoses can be replaced. It may even be time for a coolant flush.

car inspectionIn the end, you may just want to sign up for an overall inspection. This kind of service will ensure that you have plenty of brake pads left. The suspension is inspected. Belts are inspected and replaced if needed.

Peace of mind is essential to a successful road trip. And that’s what having your vehicle serviced is all about!