Buick Cascada Super Bowl Ad Features Odell Beckham Jr.

Even if you’re not a football fan, you probably remember Odell Beckham Jr.’s incredible catch last year during the Giants vs. Jets game.

Those watching the Super Bowl 50 got a chance to watch a recreation of the catch—in a Buick commercial. The 30-second spot features the all-new Buick Cascada, the actress and model Emily Ratajkowski, and—yes—Odell Beckham Jr. himself.

He’s not the one making the catch in the video, though he provides a smooth segue into the ad’s tagline: “I can’t believe that convertible is a Buick.”

However, the all-new Buick Cascada is not just a convertible—it’s one of the best-looking convertibles you’ll find on the roads today, with design borrowed straight from its stylish European counterpart. If you’ve ever wanted to drive a convertible while enjoying Buick luxury and the rush of wind, you’ll find everything you need in the Buick Cascada at Varney Buick GMC!