Is Cheap Gas Okay For Your Car?

fuel pump - Bangor, ME

Cheaper may not be better for your car when it comes to fuel.

When you are running low on gas, how do you decide where to fill up the tank? If you, like most drivers, are choosing gasoline based on its price, then you may be potentially damaging your car.

Studies show that cheap gas can harm you vehicle, especially if your vehicle utilizes gasoline direction injection (GDI), which is true for about half of all cars currently on the road in the United States, for good reason.

Vehicles that utilize GDI technology are more reliable and efficient, as long as you use quality gasoline. In fact, GDI tech can raise fuel efficiency by 15 percent and reduce emissions by 30-50 percent, making the choice obvious.

However, cars that are fueled by GDI require more expensive, higher quality gasoline, which includes not just gasoline but also additives that keep direct injection engines clean and properly functioning.

The next time you need to fill up the tank and wonder, “is cheap gas is okay?” – think about the difference that a slightly higher quality purchase could make. If your engine is in better shape, your vehicle will last much longer, potentially saving you the money spent on more expensive gas.

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