Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving

Hitting the road en route to your summer vacation destination is a delight that many Americans take part in year after year. We here at Varney Buick GMC have a few summer driving tips to help you reach your destination safely.


Getting your vehicle fully serviced prior to leaving on a summer drive can help prevent breakdowns. The summer heat is notorious for overheating engines, killing batteries, and causing tire blowouts. Schedule a service appointment to have the professionals perform routine maintenance and spot any potential problems. It’d be best to do so at least a week before leaving so any problems can be fixed.


Driving while fatigued is a recipe for disaster, especially during summer when many people are making their summer drives as well and the roads are extra crowded. Take some time to stop, stretch, grab something to eat, and relax for a few minutes. Doing so can help prevent a potential accident and help you stay alert. If you’re feeling particularly tired, you should pull over and take a nap.

Kids and Pets

Kids and pets are especially susceptible to high temperatures if they’re trapped in a car. Never leave a child alone in a parked car. Look in both the front and back seats to ensure you don’t forget a sleeping child or pet.

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