Experience the Outdoors of Greater Bangor, Maine

Greater Bangor Maine

Greater Bangor, Maine sits in one of the most beautiful places in the state, right on the shores of the Penobscot River. Surrounded on all sides by local forests and rural farmland, Bangor is overflowing with scenic beauty and nearby parks for residents and visitors alike to enjoystroll on the newly revised riverfront or enjoy the fountain and waterfall at Cascade Park.

If you’re into geocaching, Greater Bangor has over 2,000 caches in the area—it’s like a modern treasure hunt! All you have to do is use your mobile phone or GPS. However, there’s nothing wrong with exploring the old fashioned way, too, and with the 680-acre Bangor City Forest right at our doorstep there’s plenty of local flora and fauna to be seen in person. You can even go to the Field Pond Audubon Center or any of the many nearby wildlife sanctuaries for bird-watching.

There’s a lot of land to cover in Greater Bangor, Maine, which is why we at Varney Buick GMC recommend getting yourself a vehicle that can tackle any obstacle you throw at iton or off the road. Why not take the 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 for a spin? You can even bring all your picnicking equipment along for the ride.

Enjoy the Cool Sounds Concert Series This Summer

Cool Sounds Summer Concert Series

Live in the Bangor, Maine area? Like live music? You’re in luck. This summer, the Downtown Bangor Partnership is celebrating the Cool Sounds Summer Concert Series. The concerts will take place in downtown Bangor at Pickering Square and feature a different musician every Thursday between June 29 and August 24. The shows are totally free and family-friendly, so make sure you mark your calendars! Just be readyshows start at 6 p.m.

Some upcoming acts include Maine Street R&B Revue on August 3, Broadway Rocks Bangor on August 10, and Stesha Cano Music and Flash! In the Pans Steel Drum Band on the 17 and 24, respectively. The event is sponsored by Emera Maine and features food vendors and other attractions during the concert, so there will be plenty for guests to do as they enjoy live music.

Whether you like to relax and listen to some good tunes, connect with your community and have some great local eats, or just enjoy a night out on the town, the Cool Sounds Summer Concert Series is a great place to be, featuring local musicians that are sure to rock your world. We at Varney Buick GMC love promoting connections in the community near our dealership and encourage everyone to get involved.

How to Prep Your GMC Sierra for a Summer Road Trip

GMC Sierra

2017 GMC Sierra

The American roads can take you almost anywhere—to the beach, to the mountains, to the kitschy roadside attractions. Wherever the roads are taking you this summer, make sure you prep your GMC Sierra before you depart for the best performance and a successful voyage.

Check Your Tires

Your tires are about to roll you and your Sierra across miles and miles of pavement, so make sure they’re ready for the task. They should be filled with air to the recommended PSI and checked for any extreme wear in the tread. With good tires, you’ll get the best fuel efficiency.

Come Prepared

You’ll no doubt be filling your GMC Sierra’s bed with cargo like camping gear, bikes, kayaks, or whatever else you might want on your journey, but make sure you remember the essentials in case of an emergency, like a first-aid kit, extra water and snacks, and even a spare tire kit.

Get a Second Opinion

It’s good and ambitious to check your fluids, your belts, your brakes, and everything else on your own to make sure things are in good condition. But, for the greatest peace of mind, bring your GMC Sierra into Varney Buick GMC and have our GMC-trained technicians give it a look. If there are any issues that might affect your journey we can handle them for you and send you on your way for a victorious summer road trip.

4th of July Party Ideas

Fourth of July Party

What are YOUR Fourth of July plans?

At last, the season of barbeques and pool passes has arrived. If you’re planning your summer holiday celebrations, consider some of these ideas from Varney Buick GMC for the perfect 4th of July party.


As long as you stick to red, white, and blue—and plenty of it—you can’t go wrong with 4th of July decorations. Drape streamers along with string lights across your porch or back patio, or decoupage stars and stripes onto old mason jars, then place a tea light candle in each of them for ambient lighting.


If you’re expecting little ones at your get-together, set up a craft table with various activities to keep the kids entertained. Collect red, white, and blue items from the local craft store—whether beads, dice, buttons, or etc.—and provide glue and paper for a 3D collage.


Make snacking an activity in and of itself by setting up a festive ice cream float bar using red and blue sodas, vanilla ice cream, and red and blue-striped straws. Make your spread of finger-foods more festive by using colored utensils, or by decorating with a table runner made by using left-over streamers and weaving them into a checkered pattern.

Finally, give your guests something to remember the party by with a goodie bag filled with red, white, and blue candy and sparklers for later.

If you want more ideas for a Fourth of July party, come on by Varney Buick GMC! We’d love to talk to you about your plans.

Mother’s Day Auto Gifts: Fun and Practical Presents

Mother's DayThere are a number of great Mother’s Day auto gifts to get this year. May 14, marks the annual celebration of important women in your life, and many prefer to get both fun and practical gifts for their moms or wives. Read on to learn more about auto-inspired gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

First, according to AutoZone, you should consider personalized gifts such as a custom license plate frame, those iconic stick-people decals, or seat covers. Mom may also prefer a steering-wheel cover to keep her hands warm in cold weather, while premium floormats add appeal to the interior of any car.

Next, consider electronics. If mom is a music lover, you might consider a premium audio system or display audio system. These can be more expensive than other electronics, including the classic remote car starter system, which is perfect for warming up the car on cool mornings.

Finally, consider safety and utility gifts as well. These include jumper cables, a portable tire inflator, roadside emergency kit, or an alarm system. Each of these will work to keep mom prepared and safe in virtually any situation. Many gift-seekers also buy back-up camera systems as well, a combination of safety and electronics that’s more than simple practicality.

Stop by Varney Buick GMC to see some of the innovative features offered on our latest vehicles—many of which may be possible gift ideas.

History Behind the Easter Egg

Easter egg - Bangor, ME

Easter eggs aren’t just colorful – they’re also rich with history!

Have you ever wondered why spring is synonymous with painted hard-boiled eggs? At Varney Buick GMC, we love to learn about the history of our traditions, so we’ve dug up a little history behind the Easter egg.

The egg symbolizes a lot of different things for different groups, like fertility or the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The history of the Easter egg actually begins thousands of years before Christianity, when Iranians and other cultures painted eggs to celebrate their New Year and the spring equinox. However, as the Easter egg became more prominent, it developed lots of symbolism significant in Christianity.

Catholic and Orthodox churches began painting eggs red to symbolize the blood of Christ. The shell of the egg represented the tomb in which Jesus was buried, and cracking the shell of the hard-boiled egg represented His resurrection. This was also the first chance for many Christians to eat eggs after abstaining from them for Lent. The Easter tradition of egg rolling is even said to represent rolling away the stone from Jesus’ tomb.

This year when you paint your Easter eggs, think about what they represent to you and enjoy finding a deeper experience in this spring tradition.