Popular Truck Upgrades to Consider for Your Work Truck

GMC Sierra 1500 - Bangor, ME

Take your truck to the next level by upgrading its accessories!

Customizing your truck with aftermarket parts is one of the best ways to not only make it your own, but make it fit your work or home needs. Whether you drive a pickup for your job, your daily life, or both, these popular truck upgrades will make your day easier.

GMC drivers, the perfect way to customize your truck for amazing off-road performance or just better engine output is a Rocky Ridge package. Rocky Ridge is the leading producer of aftermarket performance upgrades for trucks and SUVs. Ask us about Rocky Ridge packages at Varney Buick GMC!

For more basic upgrades, look into getting a liner to protect your bed from scratches and gouges. If you don’t need to protect your whole bed, get a tailgate cover plate to protect the part of your truck that gets the most use.

Depending on the kind of truck you buy and the level of towing you want to do, you might need to buy a heavy duty hitch. The hitch that comes with your truck doesn’t always cut it for big jobs! Toolboxes and bed extenders are also popular choices.

Improve your truck’s performance by upgrading the air intake system, installing a less restrictive exhaust system, and a higher suspension for better handling and a less vulnerable undercarriage. Don’t forget to change your tires to match the new suspension.

Upgrades can make a huge difference in performance and utility, so make sure you consider ones that might be right for you!

Why It’s Important to Have the Right Tire Pressure

tire pressure gauge - Bangor, ME

When was the last time you checked your car’s tire pressure?

As the weather gets colder, it’s important to regularly check the pressure in all four of your car’s tires and make sure they’re at the correct psi for your car. Cold weather tends to make air compress, making your tire pressure go down, and having the right tire pressure is essential.

Tire pressure is a big deal because when the pressure is low, you have less traction with the ground. This is never a good thing, but it’s especially bad in winter, when the roads are icy and slippery. Those slippery roads happen to coincide with the worst time of year for maintaining tire pressure, so you have to check it regularly.

Of course, you need to keep an eye out no matter what time of year it is, but fall and winter are especially crucial! You may have already noticed your tire pressure light go on with the changing temperatures.

Tire pressure is also an important part of shock absorption. When you go over a bump with low tires, you’ll feel it a lot more than if your tires are properly inflated. Driving with the right psi is safer and more comfortable.

So invest in a good pressure gauge—they’re cheap!—and check those tires regularly. You can find the right pressure in your owner’s manual.