Cirque du Soleil OVO Coming to Bangor this Summer

Is there any show so associated with whimsy, grace, and alien beauty as that of Cirque du Soleil? The Quebec-based traveling show is recognized across the globe for its artistry and entertainment, which seeks to elevate itself above the average circus and invoke a more emotional experience in their consumers. You’re in luck, because the new Cirque du Soleil OVO show is on its way to the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor this upcoming June 2016, so residents of Bangor, Maine have the opportunity to experience this breathtaking show for themselves.

The theme of Cirque du Soleil’s OVO show revolves around the astoundingly familiar and yet noticeably alien lives of insects. Filled with color, vibrance, and energy, these insects play with one another, battle one another, and search for a mate against the setting of the wild, strange, and sometimes foreign backdrop of nature itself.

In the show, an egg mysteriously appears in the midst of the insects, upsetting their everyday lives, and they find themselves drawn to this object, which represents the cycles of their lives, as well as the enigma of everyday life itself. As all of this is happening, life as usual continues — from individuals finding love to the busy rhythm of the daily insect routine.

The Cirque du Soleil OVO show’s name has both an obvious meaning and is a visual pun. The word “ovo” is Portuguese for “egg,” while the word itself could be interpreted as an insect’s face, with the two O’s representing bulbous eyes. The show will take place at the Cross Insurance Center from Thursday, June 2nd through Sunday, June 5th.

Buick Envision Lineup Broadens to Include New Engine, FWD

Buick Envision - Bangor, ME

Are you ready to experience the thrills of the Buick Envision?

There’s been a lot of media attention paid to Buick’s new mid-range crossover, the Envision, which slates neatly between the brand’s compact Encore or the larger, three-row Enclave in order to give Buick a more well-rounded crossover lineup. However, for the 2016 model year, the Envision targets a limited portion of the luxury crossover segment, with only two trim levels coming with its June release. However, the brand has announced that the Buick Envision lineup will be expanding with the 2017 model year to include three new lower-level trims, a new engine, and front-wheel drive.

The 2016 Buick Envision will start around $40,000 and include only the Premier and Premier II trim levels, equipped with all-wheel drive and a 252-horsepower turbocharged engine. While Buick’s crossover segment has been doing exceptionally well, the Envision’s 2016 range covers only a small portion of the class and will appeal to buyers who are attracted to the luxury of the Envision’s high-end trims.

This will be remedied come October, when the 2017 Envision launches alongside three new lower-level trims. Because all three of these models will come in below the Premier trim, the overall entry-level price of the Buick Envision will lower to $34,990, making the crossover more affordable by over $5,000. That’s a nice price cut for more budget-conscious buyers looking into higher-end options. These cheaper models will come standard with front-wheel drive and a less powerful 2.5-liter engine.

While the lower levels of the Buick Envision lineup will get a cut in power for the 2017 model year, Buick doesn’t skimp on anything else. The crossover segment is big on interior amenities, and every trim level delivers in that department, including everything from heated front seats and automatic climate control to a backup camera and remote start standard on the entry-level model.