For a Safe and Happy Holiday, Follow These Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Thanksgiving - Bangor, ME

Stay safe on the road as you travel this Thanksgiving!

Now’s the time for that dream of pumpkin pie heaped with whipped cream, that fresh, hot turkey steeping with gravy, that happy tummy-bulge peeping over your waistline before you loosen your belt, to finally come true. Finally, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. All that’s left to do is get to that warm turkey dinner, which is sadly not as easy as it seems. So, we here at Varney Buick GMC have put together a quick list of Thanksgiving travel tips for your convenience:

First off, avoid driving the day before Thanksgiving if at all possible. That Wednesday is the busiest travel day of the year across all of the United States. At the very least, avoid the hottest travel hours and plan your journey for the early, early morning or starting late the night before. However, if you choose to go during the wee hours, make sure you’re properly rested before hitting the road. Driving while tired can be just as impairing as driving while intoxicated.

That point brings us to the next, and most important, of our Thanksgiving travel tips: Never drink and drive. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the jolliness of the day, but use sound judgment before getting behind the wheel. Also keep in mind that the holidays see an increase of drunk driving across the board, so while you’re on the road, always drive defensively and watch out for erratic driving behaviors.

From all of us here at Varney Buick GMC, we wish you a happy, happy Thanksgiving Day (and commute)!

Here’s Why Bookworms Are Loving Buick Nowadays

2016 Buick Enclave - Bangor, ME

Buick is adding innovative features to transform the passenger experience.

The tastes of car geeks and big readers haven’t always aligned, but both automotive aficionados and bookworms are loving Buick for its new in-car technologies.

Buick recently announced its innovated partnership with both OnStar and All 2016 Buick models will come standard with OnStar 4G LTE connectivity services as well as the free download of two full books from through the end of next year.

Buick owners can take advantage of this awesome offer through either the OnStar RemoteLink smartphone app or by contacting a live advisor. This is all part of OnStar’s new AtYourService platform initiative to add increased value to their customers day-to-day driving experience.

The hottest trend in the automotive industry is toward making cars more music-friendly, so why this surprising partnership between Buick, OnStar, and After research, Buick discovered that their customers are 30% more likely to engage in reading as a leisure activity than any other customer group. Some brands just care about sucking in new business; Buick cares about keeping their current customers satisfied, happy, and taken care of – just another reason why bookworms are loving Buick today!